Posted: May 7, 2012 in Murmured Musings

The blog has begun. I don’t know how often I’ll even use it. WordPress to me seems like kind of a rip off. I don’t exactly have all the money in the world to just throw around in order to even be able to customize a font. I like that there is some nice looking free layouts – but is it really that bad to let somebody create there own for free? Sure I’d fork out some cash if I knew for certain that there would be a little income from advertising or whatnot – but what guarantee is there that anybody would even want to read some random crap from some random guy / what with all the facebooks, tumblrs, and twitters etc. out there? How does one succeed with blogging when there are already millions of people out there in the blogosphere, typing away about there cat or their computer or phone or how much money they make selling their body to strangers?

I wont confess to be some awesome writer with the ability to ooze amazing and talented wordplay and mystify the reader with intrigue and magic. I guess I just want to see what the heck it is all about. There are so many ways in which people communicate with the internet these days. I suppose I just like the idea of plotting stuff down. I will more than likely throw in things like Linux tutorials or ideas that I have about this or that random issue- but I don’t exactly think anybody will read them. Who knows? You’ll never find out if you don’t give it a shot.

I will start with this post, right now. I see dozens of other wordpress pages sitting idle. Devoid of anything. That is rather annoying. Especially considering I would like the url, and yet some douchbag signed up with that in 2006 – and has not written a single post. I could be okay with it if there was something there – but I have to go without my handle because someone else got there first and does nothing with it? That sucks. There should be some sort of inactivity time frame and I get first dibs. Anyway – the point is ironically that I do not want to be that guy – and will at least have this post if the blog thing doesn’t pan out. Even if I never post again there will be this post explaining why to the next Lasher that has to miss out on two domain names because of lazy bastards that take all the spots and don’t use them. Peace.



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